Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Allie was all excited about mother's day. Her teacher made all the Mums little hampers with flowers, biscuits, cards and four gift vouchers. She put in a lot of effort into it. The vouchers were for the following: "Coffee in bed", "Breakfast in bed", "I'll do anything you ask" and "A free back-rub".
I was feeling a bit ill the previous day, so I went to bed early. When I woke up there were coffee and biscuits ready for me. It was a lovely start to a not so lovely day.
I was still in bed when my head started itching. I thought it was another case of the head-lice (another long story), but as I started scratching, I felt little bumps on my head. Just then Jake came in and started joking about how I must go take a bath, for my face is breaking out. Not something I like to hear.
taking a hint, I went off to take a shower. As I got undressed, I noticed something in the mirror. My whole body was cover in small, red dots. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it wasn't head-lice, or pimples, or red-dots or mosquito-bites. It was full-blown very itchy Chicken Pox. It IS full-blown very itchy Chicken Pox!
What a mother's day present was that?
Now, Allie is staying with my sister while I am sick. I'm all alone. Jake will come stay with me from tomorrow.
That back-rub voucher seems like an excellent idea right now.
Hope you enjoyed your mother's day!

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