Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A lesson learned

Sometimes I just wish that people will stop staring at the fact that I got pregnant at 18 years old. Yes, I made a mistake when I was irresponsible when I slept with someone and got pregnant when I was so young. But, at least I learned a few things on the way.
Someone who got caught driving under the influence might learn that he/she mustn't do it again, or maybe just he/she mustn't get caught next time. Wow, what a lesson that must be.
Someone who failed a test might learn to study harder or party less next time.
What did I learn from my teenage pregnancy?
  1. use better contraceptives next time.
  2. how to handle criticism.
  3. how to eat healthy (although my coffee addiction has come back since Allie was born).
  4. how to be honest.
  5. how to change a diaper.
  6. how to make a bottle.
  7. how to forgive myself.
  8. how to apply time management (I started studying at the University of Johannesburg when Allie was 1 month old).
  9. how to care for another person.
  10. how to put another person's needs before my own.
  11. how to love another human being, like you never thought possible.
  12. how to get a child to eat broccoli and Brussels sprouts.
  13. how to appreciate Disney Channel.
  14. how to be patient when doing homework with a child.
  15. how to be a mum.
  16. how to be a dad.
  17. ................
  18. ..............
  19. ................
  20. ..............
I think that this list will go on and on for ever. I learn new things every day.
Yes, I made a mistake. But does every one learn from their mistakes as much as I did/do?

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